A Chess Board Setup that Counts

Understanding the significance of a setup on the chess board is vital for a good win strategy. From a setup our play begins to take form and develops into a full-blown win strategy. Thus, the healthy adult life of our play in a game depends on the healthy birth and childhood of our chess board setup. Here are more details on this.

A strong attack-defense strategy at mid-play and near-end play is a result of our strong beginning setup. If we put serious consideration on our setup we're likely to end up winning often. Weak players just setup at the start and play anyway they like. We must remember that a good setup should go through 2 phases: positional and strategic. In summary, positional is the official way we setup chess pieces on the board. Without this there is absolutely no way we can start a game properly. Strategic setup is when we begin to move the pieces outside the initial formation and to the center of the board.

If we understand that positional setup needs a pattern to be workable, we should also understand that strategic setup needs to have a more systematic pattern, and one relevantly formulated to respond to a specific situation.

Secondly, we need to understand the meaning of why pieces are so situated in their positional or original setup. When we begin to understand this we also see their roles on the board. Then things begin to be clear in a chess board setup. Chess pieces cease to be mere pieces we have to move but members of an assault or rescue team that operates purposefully each turn they take. They become elite forces, never acting solo but always in tandem or team, with a risky mission, and each operation needs careful thought.

Third, in setting up, we need to see the advantages of playing white or black pieces. We need to be skillful in playing any piece color, and knowing their setup goals and strengths from beginning to last will prove rewarding. When we learn the keys to playing white or black, we need not be particular about piece colors. We become good with both.

Finally, we should understand that how we setup in the beginning determines how we rule in the end. We cannot just take preliminary setups for granted. The beginning and tactical structuring of a chess board setup is quite crucial for a win at chess, to say the least. Victory begins with the first few steps.