Why Bishops are Placed Next to Kings and Queens

Bishops in chess are exciting pieces. They can be dreaded rulers of diagonal routes on the board. They are considered among expert warriors next to rooks. Hence, the setup for bishops is initially right beside kings and queens for a protective strategy, and more.

Bishops, two for each player, are located close to the king and queen in the beginning formation. More precisely, white bishops occupy C-1 and F-1 while black bishops occupy C-8 and F-8. It's amazing how, from their places of origin, they can easily glide to rank 6 (white) or rank 3 (black) in deep enemy territory with a single move. Hence, they often operate in tandem with queens.

The two allied bishop pieces rule separate square colors; one rules black diagonal squares, the other white diagonal squares. They should never control the same square color. This works perfect when supporting the queen's assaults against enemy territory and in defending the ally king. For instance, they can effectively cover the diagonal escape routes of the enemy king on both square colors as our queen keeps it in check. Or, when the enemy queen attacks our king, both bishops can cover the black and white diagonal paths to counter it.

Hence, initially placed near the king and especially the queen, bishops increase even more in value and potential because of their diagonal feats and clout when teamed up with the queen. This setup for bishops is also simply perfect for enhancing queen fire power and the king's security.

Bishops not only perfectly relate to the royal thrones, they also popularly team up with knights. Hence, initially, they are also beside them in the formation. The combined fire power of the queen, bishop and knight in the hands of an astute player is awesome. They can quickly launch from their original formation and cruelly demolish the enemy stronghold since they are teamed up in a group right from the start.

The king's team of a bishop and knight are likewise incredible in their defense of the home base. What more when supported by the policing powers of the rooks. When we have discovered and experienced the potential of bishops in relation to their setup and positioning, we hold the key to their successful operation.

The setup for bishops from beginning to end can tremendously improve our chess odds in the game. Hence, it is an imperative to master the functions of bishops with kings and queens.